Gallery Sessions are a demonstration of mediumship- for a group of people
who are not necessarily related to see and hear connections being made to various loved ones in spirit.

In a Gallery the medium identifies Spirits with evidence in the form of descriptions, jobs, careers, stories and names. 

A member of the audience recognizes the Spirit and raises their hand and the message follows. 
A Gallery event lasts about 90 minutes and is followed by a Q & A. 
While not everyone may receive an individual message -                                                               They will see a demonstration of the continuity of life!

Be sure to listen for 'piggy back messages' -your loved ones will insert their message to you with messages to others if they share a similar name, occupation or other traits.  You will 'feel' the message is for you -a bit of a tingle or a knowing. 

You can host a Gallery Event! Call or Text (216) 632-9088 to secure date!
I will travel to your location. Cost: $25 per person present. 15 person minimum.

For fundraisers, message me for special rates.
**If an hour or more away, a travel fee is added.
**It is essential to start at the appointed time~ Spirits do not like to be kept waiting.