• Half Hour $75

  • Full Hour $130

  • Mediumship: connecting you with your loved ones in Spirit-now with Spirit portraits

  • Offering evidence, messages and a chance to talk to your loved ones in Spirit.

  • Psychic: tuning in to your work, relationship and other issues here and now.

  • All sessions are recorded free of charge.

  • Phone or In person- Check "Book A Reading" for schedule

  • I am now back in Cleveland Ohio

  • Gift Certificates Available

*For my other area clients- I am available for readings by phone. I have done readings by phone and Skype for almost 20 years as my clientele live all over the world. 

**Are phone readings as good as readings done in person? Yes; and here's why:

Readings, especially connecting with Spirit, is Left-brain work. Reasoning, done in most daily interaction is Right-brain.  In most daily interaction with other people we are aware of not only their words, but their facial expressions and body language. We constantly analyze all this input as part of normal interaction. All of this analysis is done in Right-brain.

However, in a reading, a medium is receptive only- focused on the spirit communication and giving what they get without analyzing it, which would take them out of the receptive state.

An abrupt look of surprise or sudden shift in the posture of the client can be a distraction. A link with spirit is a delicate thing; if broken it can be re-established but then must be built up again- which takes time. 

In a phone session, there are fewer opportunities for distraction and links are less likely to be disrupted; hence the quality of the connection with spirit is often better than in person sessions. 


Disclaimer: The Medium At Large is providing a spiritual service, not to be used in substitution for other professional services whether medical or legal. Any and all advice should be verified by professionals in their fields and any predictions are for entertainment purposes only. 

Refund Policy: if no connection is made in first 10 minutes of any reading the medium will stop the session and issue refund. If the client wishes to stop in the first 10 minutes they may also do so with a full refund. After that the session is non-refundable.