For those who are new to readings and want to know more about how this works:

  1. Who comes through in a party or a reading? Loved ones: friends and family, pets, neighbors, in-laws, and others you have known. Nobody spooky, I promise!
  2. When the medium leaves, will spirits stay here with me or go home with me?  Your loved ones in spirit already know how to connect with you; if you have had visitations before you will likely have them again. So- visits from spirit? Maybe; Hauntings? No.
  3. How do Spirits visit me? Several ways are common:
  • They approach you in your dreams
  • They can manipulate songs on the radio
  • They can get your attention so that you look at a sign, bumper sticker or other message at the right moment. Butterflies, pennies on the sidewalk are examples of this. I was once in spiritual crisis/questioning while on a long drive and spirit actually gave me the answer by getting me to look to my left in time to see an 18 wheeler with G.O.D. on the side of it go by.
  • They nudge people to stop and talk to you or call you when you need it most
  • They can play with lights, clocks or other electronics- things flickering or going on or off randomly- I know of a fireman who made his wife's smoke alarm go off right after he passed!

4. How come my loved one has never come to me in my dreams?  Oh he/she has. Remember, we get 7 - 10 dreams a night. Do you remember them all? Nobody does. Generally we just recall the last one or maybe two. And that only for a few moments.

5. My loved one was in my dream but then my dream became scary! What does that mean? It means your subconscious, the part that writes the scripts for dreams, interfered with what should have been a loving visit and your fears or other negative emotions affected the content of the dream. Your loved one probably only showed up to say Hi and I love you! and I'm OK! and You will be OK too!

6. How do I know a medium didn't just read my mind to give me my loved one's info?  Some of the best pieces of evidence make no sense to the client at the time of the reading, but when discussed with others who knew the loved one in spirit too, all the confirming facts are revealed! 

7.  When you do a spirit portrait do you draw what you see? No. I catch glimpses, usually for a fraction of a second. Not long enough to draw from. I wind up allowing Spirit to control the process and for me that means drawing Clairesentiently. I feel my hand trembly a bit and going on the paper; it's a bit like going in blindfolded. I often don't even know if it is a man or woman until over half way in.

8. Can you always get the spirit I want? Can you always draw the spirit I want? Maybe. I'm not in charge of the process. If your loved one is ready and waiting to come through they do. Sometimes they are the quiet type and I may have to feel out their personality first to establish the link. On the drawings, sometimes the one we were talking to is drawn, sometimes somebody else sort of steps in and says, 'draw me!'

9. How can a phone reading be as good as in person? Because space is irrelevant to Spirit connection. Or to my psychic connection to the client, for that matter. Additionally, by phone I have no distraction, like the look on a client's face, to throw me into my logical thinking, shutting off the intuitive process. There is nothing like questioning yourself to drop the energy in a reading!

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