New: Portrait of your Soul with messages on your life path

  • 80% of what we see when we look at someone is not their facial structure, but their inner light: shaped by their Soul/Spirit

  • Now you can get a Soul Portrait Reading- painted as framable art- in a 15 -20 minute session that includes your life’s themes, how you are doing on your path and current issues. $55

  • You can add a portrait of one (“The Plus One”) your Spirit Guide, Guardian Angel OR Loved one in Spirit. (another 10 minutes) $75

  • Your Whole Spirit Team! A portrait of your Soul, Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide AND a Loved One in Spirit- all 4 -with brief messages from each. (45 min) $125

  • Tax and shipping will be added at checkout. All readings are recorded. Your picture will be mailed to you.

  • By Skype or Facebook Video for all locations.

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How these came about:

Recently, at an event, I was curious about how my friend handled a 3 deck tarot spread. She offered to show me. As she did, I went into a light trance. As images scrolled across my inner vision, information downloaded to show me the process for doing Soul Portraits. I hadn’t heard a word my dear friend said!

I had no idea if people would be interested in this but proceeded to follow directions and offer them. It seems that people do indeed have an interest. Feedback has been nothing less than stunning. I have heard ‘healing’ and ‘life changing’ not once, but many times over. If my goal is to serve, it was clear what I had to do- so I began in earnest to develop these readings.

The result is a complete reading on your life path, themes and goals with assessment and touching on current issues- all in only 15-20 minutes. You walk away with framable art AND a reading.