In doing readings, we throw ourselves into the work and we pray it will be accurate and healing. But we don't often get specific feedback about it- so we stay in the 'efforts department' and out of the 'results department' hope for the best and keep going. 

Once in a while someone writes a detailed thank you and it fills you with gratitude and thanks that the connection with Spirit was strong and helpful- but rarely is a letter so detailed that it may benefit others wondering what a reading is like; both what is said and what it means to the client. So I have to share this one *thanks Alicia for the permission* and hope it helps to inform others about what to expect in a reading: 

"I also wanted to write you a long overdue thank you for the reading that I had with you in November. It was actually one of the highlights of my life, and certainly the very best part of 2013. At the start of our call, you immediately picked up on my father in spirit. You provided detail after detail about his personality and his current concerns. To name just a few: 

1.) You said that there is a chair by my mother's bed where he sometimes sits and watches her sleep, just as she occasionally did for him while he was ill. After the call, I confirmed with my mother that this chair was still by the bed and that she had sat in it a few times watching him sleep in the months before he passed. 

2.) You said he was mentioning hot chocolate. Just a few days before the reading, I purchased a hot chocolate scented candle. The night of the purchase, I lit the candle and attempted a meditation. I immediately felt his energy around me. I just "knew" it was him. 

3.) You said that my father was expressing concern over my younger brother and how he was in a state of denial over my father's passing. My father wanted to make it clear that my younger brother was not cold or callous, but truly in a state of denial ---As you were relaying this message, I instantly recognized that I was indeed one of the people who felt that my brother was being cold and callous. You see, since my father's passing on St Patrick's Day 2012, my brother seemed to fall off the face of the earth. He suddenly ceased all contact with my mother and myself, though there was certainly no kind of argument/falling-out. It wasn't until January of this year that I actually decided to send my brother the very snippet from my reading in which you mentioned my brother being in denial. I prefaced it with a little intro email, explaining that I had a reading with this wonderful medium and that I was just wanting to pass along this portion of the reading since the message was intended for him. Within the hour, he contacted me and wanted to listen to the full reading. I sent it to him, and he said that he listened to the whole hour right away, and then again later that same day. Since then, he has come back into our lives entirely. 

4.) You said that my father said the name 'Blackie' when referring to a dog. It's a long story, but there is MUCH significance to that name with regards to my father. 

5.) You asked me 'What's up with all the little crackers? Ever since I spotted these certain Asian style 'Natural Rice Crackers' in the hospital cafeteria (when my father was ill in 2012), I have been sickly addicted to eating them every day. I eat them for breakfast. I eat them for lunch. I sometimes eat them for dinner. All of the grocery stores within a 30 mile radius have to keep ordering them, because I come in and buy them out. It is a rather embarrassing addiction, since grocery store clerks say the same thing every time they see me coming "oh, you really like these things, huh?"  So you couldn't have said anything that hit home more than, "what's up with all the little crackers?' " Heck, I'm eating them right now as I type! 

6.) You mentioned my mother getting her blood drawn and it being checked for something... sugar? You asked? Again, you were so accurate. Since the week of my father's passing, my mother has been experiencing major heart issues. Because of a close call on Valentine's Day 2014 coupled with a newly formed blood clot, she now is having an INR blood test daily. Equally meaningful- The day after my father passed, my mother was at the hospital getting her blood INR tested for the first time. She distinctly felt my father hold her other hand while the blood was being drawn, and she felt him squeeze her pinky finger as he so often did in life. (Incidentally, my mother is extremely sane and rational. She has both psychic & mediumistic abilities, though she has never worked to heighten them through training or meditation.) So your reference to my mother and getting blood drawn could have also been referring to my father's visitation. 

My goodness, I could go on and on, ..I didn't even get into all of the other stuff that you said and the other people that you pulled through. My mother in law, every little bit of information that you said was spot-on. You said that she was not catholic, but that you saw angels all around her, 'stone angels'. I immediately remembered that her husband bought her a giant headstone of an angel (and I mean, ..HUGE!), but it wasn't until after the call that I found out that she actually had a massive collection of angels in her home, on display in her dining room! You said so much more about her, everything was correct. 

I was not surprised in the least that everything that you said was correct. I knew that you would have an excellent connection. I have listened to every one of your shows  more than once, some more than thrice. No, I am not a crazy fan. But I am a relatively sane fan who is extremely impressed with your ability to break down what you do and explain it to the rest of us. I love your guests, some more than others, but you are the reason that I listen to your show. You are the best. One of the things that I love most about you is that you come across as down to earth, ..you don't boast or brag. You provide the facts of your experiences. You speak of your experiences as just being a regular part of your every day life. 

In contrast, the vast majority of mediums that I've heard on radio, tv, or seen live, are rather boastful, ..come across as too conceited for my personal taste. Anyway, I think that if any medium should be conceited or boastful, it should be you  because you are so real with people. If you aren't getting something, you say you're not getting something. I respect your honest. I can't believe my ears when people call into your show and they want a reading about themselves. The worst, is when you bring a spirit through that they are able to identify and then they say 'does she have a message for me? About my own life?' Perhaps I'm in the minority here, but the fact that you can bring a spirit through for someone by tapping into their energy over the phone is just brilliant to me. And, the only thing(s) I'd want to know when you bring someone through is A.) Is he/she okay? B.) What is he/she doing? C.) Where is he/she? D.) Please tell he/she that I love him/her. I just can't believe that people are so wrapped up in their own lives, and it's always the most insignificant, unimportant things in life that they want to discuss - their financial situation & their love life. You are always so kind when faced with these kinds of calls'sometimes you kindly tell the person that you're doing mediumship, other times you will provide them with an answer.

I suppose I have rambled on long enough, written far too much, likely made a total fool out of myself for providing you with such a lengthy, rather opinionated email. Sometimes you may not recognize the positive impact that you (Susan) have in someone's life, because the person never reaches out to let you know. I am a pretty anxiety-stricken, introverted, shy type of person  so writing this email is completely out of the norm for me. However, I feel compelled to tell you how special you are. After I got my wonderful reading in November, I purchased readings for my mother and for my best friend Jen. You gave both of them totally spot-on readings too, just in case you were wondering.
All I can say is WOW!....I just had to follow up and tell you this...In my reading with you yesterday you mentioned that I would be going to Florida and it would be on the coast and it appeared to have the flavor of a vacation and it would be in around 4 months.  At the time you told me this I thought...I don't think so because we had just returned from a 8 day vacation to Colorado and I need to buckle down and find a house, since we just sold ours!.  I had NO plans to go any where the rest of this year and Florida wasn't even a passing thought!  Well....my husband is traveling on business and he called me last night to say good night and said... "I have to go to Florida in 4 weeks on business and you are coming with me!!" The business meetings will be held at a resort on the coast!!!!  How FUN was that!!!  BOOM!
I just can't wait for the house to come about!! You made it sound so lovely!
Hugs!  Pam
"Susan's knack for evidential mediumship remains impressive even to
'insiders' such as myself.  In a recent reading, she was able to bring
through my best friend's late mother, with first and last name, as
well as accurate information about her former geographical residence,
former health conditions, and a spot-on message for her surviving
daughter  who just happens to live over 2,000 miles away.  As a
coworker I look forward to my continued work with Susan, and can say
wholeheartedly that she has demonstrated some of the finest mediumship
I've ever encountered.

-Dr. Rom Weber"
From Tillie, Nevada (Whose mom, a medium, came through in someone else's reading):
Hi, Susan. I will check the post soon but you should know that the message you sent via Rom has lifted a great weight I have carried for some 15 years. You have blessed me immeasurably! I have read the post and, while I would normally wish to hide in anonymity, I feel strongly that this is my mom's last chance to receive praise for the work she loved so well and performed so selflessly for so long. This is her last hurrah and I give it to you both, with love.
From Mary in Ohio:
I wanted to thank you so much for your time. My sister in law handed me a cole hours after we spoke two Angel healing stone and a angel worry stone both round so you are right I am amazed and I will be calling again. You have giving me such peace I blamed myself for not being able to save her, but you gave me peace for that I thank you from the depth of my soul.
In the reading you said Bella seen a stone bench I didn't have one my brother surprised me with one today made out of stone. Wow is all I can say.
Susan has read me many times over the past few years and I have always come away with a feeling of relief. She has surprised me with some of the unexpected loved ones and friends that have come through. She can visualize these people and repeat things they have actually said and done. She saw a scene of my uncle playing poker for rubies during WWII. I checked it out with his son, and it was true. He came home with the rubies! She is detailed and very intuitive. I have relied on her for advice as well. I'm so glad she has been there when I need her. Her mediumship and psychic ability have truly helped me over the years. Sharon Rothberg South Florida
Bettyjeane in Ohio said:
I would like to thank Susan Averre for a very touching spiritual reunion recently.  I met Susan ten years ago when I randomly bumped into her at a Starbucks while waiting for a friend. After deciding to have a fifteen minute session, she immediately connected with my mother's deceased boyfriend who mentioned he knew her next "boyfriend to be" and approved of him.  Although I couldn't imagine my mom with a new man (because she was still mourning her loss), later that year she met her current partner who we later found out went to middle school with her late boyfriend.  We were stunned to find out that the two men had been connected in the past
After losing Susan's info, I finally came across her website last month. It was important to me to be connected with my professor who had passed one year ago.  Susan was able to quickly connect with my lost loved ones and portray their unique personalities through quotes, images and details that only me or their spirit would know.  It was comforting to connect with them again.  I thank Susan for sharing her special gift with me and highly recommend her spiritual guidance.

Dear Susan - On your last show with Mary Ellen Rodrigues I was fortunate enough to get a reading. I was the very last reading on that show.   You are amazing!  You were right on the money when it came to my father.  My father's spirit comes across very strongly - so strong that two readings before mine you mentioned California &  two cities to the individual you were reading they were San Jose or San Diego.  Well, I didn't realize it at the time but I now see that it was my dad trying to push through - you see, my mother lives in San Diego.  It all made sense then.  Your accuracy was amazing.  Thank you so much to you and of course to Mary Ellen whom I've know for several years now.  Thank you and many blessings.

Graciela, CA